KARS Petro Distributors is a gasoline wholesaler and distributor that provides assistance for its clients to endeavor a successful gas station and convenience store by offering fast, reliable, and knowledgeable customer service. KARS Petro markets fuel for BP, Chevron/Texaco, Citgo, Exxon/Mobil, Marathon, Shell, Sunoco, and Valero. Here at KARS Petro we uphold each brand’s image requirements and we make every effort to exceed the oil companies’ expectation.

Raj and Kanan Shah came to the United States in 1984 to achieve “The American Dream”. They gained retail experience by working at a gas station and eventually bought their first gas station in Cocoa, FL. They now own and supply gasoline to stations across the state of Florida. Located only a few miles away from their first gas station, KARS Petro Distributors was founded in 2007. KARS Petro has grown exponentially solely due to the hard work and outstanding customer service by the KARS Petro Team.

Mission Statement:
We at KARS Petro Distributors strive to deliver top quality petroleum products and customer service. We constantly aim to stay innovative in order for our customers to gain an edge over the competition and to protect against the uncertainties that accompany the gasoline industry. KARS Petro is committed to form trustworthy and prosperous relationships between our vendors and customers. We pledge to offer the highest quality of professionalism, expertise, and dedication to promote our branded fuel.